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What is the Home Design Expo?

The Home Design Expo by Century Property Developments was a series of three public events that saw 27 of the best architects, builders, interior designers and landscape designers come together to display what is possible when designing a new home at three different Century estates. All three of the expos which took place at Blue Hills Estate in Midrand, The Hills Estate in Pretoria East and Waterfall Country Estate were massive successes attracting over 22000 visitors who were clearly impressed by the developments as well as the displays.

The top professionals in the residential property design and building industry were selected to showcase 27 different designs for homes including 1:100 scale models, 3D illustrations and a sample of interior and landscaping along with a realistic building costing for each home. “The expos were aimed at public interested in renovating, considering building or currently building. The showcase enabled stand owners and prospective buyers to have a professional’s view of what is possible at Century's developments as well as the costs associated with the design and an idea of what’s trending in architecture, interiors and landscaping,” says Mark Corbett, CEO of Century Property Developments.

"As the events were free, many visitors attended all three expos and were able to see all 27 unique house designs on show, represented by the best residential property architects in the industry. Best of all, these designs are now available to Century's clients as building package options at any of our developments," concludes Mark. Show times are 09h00-17h00 and entrance is free.

3 expo's, 3 locations

Home Design Expo 1: Blue Hills Estate, R55, Midrand » Saturday 21 & Sunday 22 June 2014

Home Design Expo 2: The Hills Estate, Garstfontein Road, Pretoria East » Saturday 12 & Sunday 13 July 2014

Home Design Expo 3: Waterfall Country Estate, Woodmead Drive, Johannesburg » Saturday 2 & Sunday 3 August 2014

* Each expo featured 9 different consortiums with 9 different house designs appropriate for the respective development.

6 Steps to Planning a Successful Building Project

There’s a strong temptation to dive straight into the construction of your new home. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll be done, right? Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way if you haven’t done some essential planning up front to ensure that your home will match your vision in the end. Here are six crucial steps to help you plan for a successful home build, and the reasons they're so important for any project.

1. Choose a design professional

To create a plan and detailed scope of work, most people hire either an architect or interior designer, and sometimes both. Every company does things a little differently, many designers will offer advice on structural work as well as assistance with material and color selections. Architects may take on a wide range of work, or work only on floor plans and approvals, and leave the details of the electrical plan, baths and kitchen to another designer. Selecting a design professional usually starts with an in-person meeting, which can take a few weeks depending on how many companies you are interviewing. This is your opportunity to understand the services that each firm offers and make sure they match up with what you are expecting. It’s also critical that you have a budget for your project in mind that you communicate clearly to the firm you hire, so the design can align with what you are planning to invest.

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